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What is Role of IT in the Corporate Innovation Program

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Role of IT in the Corporate Innovation Program

What is the role of IT to help drive an innovation agenda for a company?
In most companies, IT is a support function and not a strategic function. This has always been intriguing to us. When most amount of changes in the world are due to automation and globalization, it is difficult to understand why most senior teams do not position technology as a strategic weapon.

One of the reason why this occurs is because organization and the senior team has not created distinctions between technology and information systems(IT departments). Most successful innovators have. Without such clarity it is hard to introduce innovation in an organization correctly, especially when most think of innovation only in terms of hard products.To be successful, IT departments must master the delivery and quality demands of information systems first. This means,they must demonstrate that they are making money(coming below the budget and helping the organization achieve a customer centric focus) for the organization and not just a cost center for the organization. Then, they have the right to own the innovation agenda for the organization.

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