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The DeSai Group Difference

Organizations faced with business challenges often choose between taking on the problem themselves and outsourcing for a solution.

Our research and experience clearly indicates that organizations that do-it- themselves through engaging their employees and by using purposeful and deliberate innovation practices have a higher likelihood of generating viable solutions that create competitive advantage. Further, these organizations are more likely to be able to repeat their innovation success and enhance speed to market and operational efficiencies.

At the DeSai Group our objective is to make you and your employees the experts on Innovation. That is what Strategy Driven Innovationsm is all about. We teach you how to create an innovation driven organization. You retain the learning's and develop the distinctive know-how to make your organization the formidable competitor in your space.

When we called The DeSai Group, our medical team was already performing at a high level in many respects, yet individuals were struggling to achieve clarity on how to align their efforts with each other. We are moving forward like never before.

Dr. Aaron Zucker
Ct. Children's Medical Center (CCMS)
Division Chief of Pediatric Critical Care

Your Objectives

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Quite often, companies want to innovate but they don't know how or where to begin. They know they need to change in order to grow. They know they need to innovate, but lack the context and the language required to proceed. Often one leader wants to drive innovation hard, but other leaders are not yet ready to commit to an organizational innovation journey. Innovation can be a daunting and confusing task. Here are the typical reasons why our clients reach out to us.


To learn more about how you can get started, please contact us at or call 860-233-0011 to set up an introductory meeting.

We invite you to visit our resources page where you can download articles, podcasts and stories. You can also visit our video gallery and resources page where you can download articles, Jatin DeSai's Blog to learn more about his view on innovation, strategy, leadership, globalization, etc.

Your Objectives

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