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Jatin Desai's Book clearly demonstrates how to build a business case, create a clear and aligned innovation strategy, and build your own playbook for innovation. Actionable ideas for high performance innovation, year after year!

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Innovation - Keynotes

Jatin DeSai

Our CEO, Jatin DeSai, is available for your next executive retreat, as a keynote for a conference, or a leadership development program. Currently, the following innovation keynote topics are available:

Innovation - So what? And why now?

Everyone is talking about innovation. Many are using the word "innovation" to promote their  products and services. Trade publications are encouraging businesses to use innovation as a critical method for industrial growth. In this presentation, you will be given answers to the following questions: What is innovation? How is it linked to strategy? How do you build a climate and culture of innovation? Can innovation help transform a company into an innovative enterprise? If so, what are the risks and barriers? Successful innovation programs require strategy, discipline, resources, new innovation tools and new behaviors. It will require a dedicated process for nurturing and commercializing good ideas. You will walk away with a complete view of how to begin, play, and grow your innovation  program with practical ideas you can take back to the workplace.

Innovation Lessons from the Field: Case Studies ofCorporate Innovation

Learn about how companies are leveraging mega-business-opportunity trends, nuances in basic human needs and winning business models to develop innovation breakthroughs. Based on our applied-research and client engagements, we have over hundred case studies that can open doors for innovation breakthrough and the themes that drive innovation practices. Learn how financial performance and innovation are linked, and the "patterns of innovation" from some of the best companies on the planet - some you've never heard about. This is an engaging, entertaining and easy-to-understand presentation with solid takeaways.

Strategy-Driven Innovation: 15 Rules to play the Game of Corporate Innovation

Innovation is often misunderstood and often does not create followership in corporate cultures. How do leading innovators actually do it? What is their innovation management processes? What is their innovation discipline? This presentation is lessons from the leading innovators - who can demonstrate leadership, partnership and collaboration to achieve unique success via innovation. Look inside our innovation framework to measure and monitor your own innovation efforts and see live examples of tools that can help you embed innovation as "Core Behavior" for the business. Participants will walk away with clear understanding of how to organize for innovation, how to build sponsorship and capability within their organizations.

Personal Innovations: Future of Jobs and Careers for better Talent Management

The questions often asked around the globe today are: What will jobs and careers look like in the future? What skills will be in high demand in the future? What does a knowledge worker need to know about impact of globalization and automation trends? What will be the impact of science and technology innovations to the outlook of certain jobs and sectors? Personal Innovations presentation will invite participants to rethink the Human Capital strategies to assure maximum workforce readiness during an incredible amount of innovations occurring in every sector at a pace never seen in the history of our planet. Participants will learn about the Six Aliveness-Skills that cannot be outsourced, and therefore will be in great demand. They will also learn about Three Enabling-Skills which support the Six Aliveness-Skills. Participants will walk out with practical insights and ideas that can be applied on Monday morning.

Questions? If you are interested in our innovation speeches, keynotes and would like more information, you can always email us at or call: 860-233-0011

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