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For: Managers and Professionals looking to become World-Class Innovators by developing the level of expertise, credibility and self-confidence to guide and coach others in taking innovation to new levels.  

This 3 – 6 month program is customized and aimed at enhancing all three attributes enabling the Champions to identify and utilize the innovation resources available to them. The program is customized to meet your needs and includes topics such as Designing Innovation implementation plans for each BU, Designing sessions and meetings, and click here for more

Innovation Consulting – How We Can Help We will partner with you and your staff to establish a baseline understanding about innovation and help connect it to business strategies … then provide specific tools, frameworks, training modules (click to read more)

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Innovation without methodology is just luck. At all levels in your organization, you will find many creative and talented people. With a little bit of luck they might create some great innovations. Yet, having valuable ideas is meaningless if the organization is struggling to execute them. If you simply rely on random abilities within the current organizational system, you risk inhibiting future growth.

Using disciplined innovation methodologies, you can minimize the “luck” factor. Using a predictive operating model you will be able to drive business execution with consistency, predictability, reliability and sustainability.

Innovation Executionsm
The DeSai Group has developed the Strategy-Driven Innovationsm (SDI) framework based on over 25 years of experience in the business arena. SDI is a disciplined business methodology, transforming random activities into strategy-aligned processes that leverage inherent organizational creativity to produce desired outcomes and achieve growth. 

How does one determine culture maturity for innovation?

SDI framework encompasses the three stages of Create Space, Build Strength, and Accelerate Growth, and the 45 specific factors of organizational innovation readiness grouped into three broad areas of Alignment, Insights and Mobilization, to measure organizational development. The DeSai Innovation Readiness Assessment can calibrate and baseline your current score using these factors. This score will fall into one of the three Stages of Innovation.

To increase the innovation performance, and therefore your organizational maturity for innovation, you must adjust these 45 factors within each stage.


  • Stage-I - Create Space:   involves targeting innovation as a priority, identifying and integrating key innovation-related measures and making sure the time and resources are available to engage in innovation-related development.
  • Stage-II - Build Strength:  includes the adoption of standard tools, the development of innovation-related mindsets and skills in key organizational resources, and the implementation of processes and systems that reliably support innovation.
  • Stage-III - Accelerate Growth:  involves continuously refining and improving innovation-related activities for becoming a world-class innovator.

The three areas which encompass 45 factors are:

  1. Alignment: relies on Sponsorship and Focus, meaning each business unit, department, team and individual sees and understands their role and how it contributes to the overall innovation mandate of the organization. Alignment recognizes there must be agreement on the purpose and need for innovation.
  2. Insights: arise from idea development and recognize that information from many sources is necessary. Including people from all levels of the organization, partners, suppliers, customers, regulators and others creates a strong flow of relevant ideas. Treating idea creation as an art and a science leads to the insights which allow an organization to systematically choose the best ideas for further attention.
  3. Mobilization:  or innovation delivery reflects the reality that innovation is valuable only when it translates into results. The organization with the best idea is not always the winner. The winner is the organization with the ability to execute the best idea.  Execution in the early stages of innovation is critical for success. Effective mobilization requires sufficient resources, rapid and effective decisions, and continuous learning to translate innovations into reality more quickly and successfully over time.

Alignment, Insights and Mobilization are all happening at the same time. Organizations must manage each of them and the tradeoffs between them to be successful.  An idea that has great merit but would struggle to be mobilized in your organization may not be as valuable as an idea with less merit but quicker mobilization.  A fantastic idea that would be great for your consumer but does not align with your purpose will struggle to receive funding and support, long term.  All three play critical roles in the success of innovation and therefore, the long term sustainability of your organization.

Innovation Executionsm is an end-to-end process providing frameworks, practices, and tools your employees will use to solve the vast range of innovation challenges. Information contained in these programs includes playbooks, tools, guidelines, templates, project plans, questionnaires, and articles; all part of DeSai's Innovation Executionsm Methodology. These tools will assure proper implementation of your innovation investments and help your company evolve to be a world-class innovator.

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