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Should every organization work on innovation?

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For us at DeSai, the question resembles to "Should we allow a healthy and vibrant living organism to grow?" No doubt, the answer instantly should be YES. A company that ignores innovation is a company that is decaying and dying with slow death.

You might wonder, in light of explicit evidence, why do many of the C-Level executives do not take a more active role is establishing a climate and culture for their organizations to innovate, grow and prosper?

In our work with senior teams and organizations across the globe - the one consistent answer is because they lack the courage and confidence to take risks.

The cause of this "effect" might be that most C-Level decision makers are not strategist, but mere manager. Many people who climb the corporate ladder are just managers not innovators and as long as they are calling the shots, there is a de facto ban on innovation in their respective organizations. Period.

They will not take the role of authentic champions, agents, and advocates of innovation, they are very happy just managing decaying (or stagnant or even dying) operations. To be an innovator the leaders must ask:

  1. Are we doing all we can do to generate sustainable growth?
  2. Are we providing our clients with the best products or services that we can and the best price points?
  3. Are we creating long term value for the organization?
  4. Are we challenging our employees to generate breakthroughs and derivative projects?
  5. Are the leaders committed and aligned together with strategies and direction?

In today's climate, innovation cannot be ignored - independent of industries, geographies, or economic climate. Just like breathing in and breathing out - innovation must be the ‘natural rhythm' of every organization - else the future is well defined - you will land on Commodity Island and ultimately sink.

Do you agree?


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