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What is the game of innovation? Is innovation a game?

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Yes, innovation is a game. It is a game because it requires knowledge and skills to compete and win in the ever changing markets. Innovation is a game that every business today needs to play to avoid becoming useless or even extinct.

In addition, part of the game of innovation is global competition, the energy crises, economic system failure, poverty, population expansion, and many other mega trends that are here to stay. All of these are converging upon every business sector simultaneously. They are like huge rivers all merging in to one. The turbulence, the waves, and the force created by these mega trends have never been seen by humanity before.

That is why running a business the 'same old way' will only guarantee that its management will end up on a so-called "commodity island" - where everything is price competitive and customers don't see very much difference between that business and the competition. From my perspective as an innovation consultant, I believe that every business must figure out a way to meet every challenge directly or indirectly, with a focus on winning the game of innovation. This means, businesses must learn to experiment, fail, learn from failure, and try something else - until they develop new business acumen to sustain and grow.

The rules of the innovation game have also changed. This is primarily due to two "major" forces: the information revolution and globalization. There is plenty of evidence that shows how these two major trends are shifting consumer buying patterns, local and regional economies, access to education, environmental issues, and the pace of life for everyone.. This has created a more urgent need to invent new ways of doing business and do it faster than ever before. The average life span of a company is shortening and more businesses are failing faster due to these two major trends.

Innovation is generated from the act of being creative. Creativity comes from people. So to play this game correctly and compete in this new age, CEO's must find a way to tap in to the hearts and minds of The Role of Innovation for Individuals and Organizations.

Our latest research shows that the most critical new competencies that must be developed and managed in your company culture will be discovery, creativity, influence, implementation, and mindful action . These skills cannot be outsourced and will play a more important role when creating and keeping customers for life.

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