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What is a Human's Cognitive Capability?

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7 Thought Leader Views on Cognitive Capability.....

Advice from our planet's best minds about how to expand our cognitive toolkit.

Cognitive Thinking involves altering the way individuals interpret information they take in, to better comprehend it. If we can get inside the heads of most powerful cognitive thinkers of our time and discover what they are exploring, it is possible that our current orthodoxies can be overturned, our mental boxes can be toppled, our reality walls can be brought down, and maybe our work can be re-visualized, and just maybe, our companies can find disruptive innovations.

If you are an innovator leader, you will enjoy these short cognitive 10,000ft. maps from our planet's most interesting thinkers.


KEVIN KELLY, Editor-At-Large, Wired
STEPHEN M. KOSSLYN Director, Center for Adv. Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University
GERD GIGERENZER, Psychologist; Director of the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition
VINOD KHOSLA, Technology Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist
GINO SEGRE, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania
CLIFFORD PICKOVER, Author, The Math Book
LAURENCE C. SMITH, Professor of Geography and Earth & Space Sciences, UCLA
DIMITAR SASSELOV, Professor of Astronomy, Director, Harvard Origins of Life Initiative

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