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U.S. Innovation Leaders need IQ, EQ & CQ (Part Two of "Judas Goats")

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With the U.S. appearing to suck at globalization and largely indifferent but dependent on the domestic market, we need leadership willing to step up and innovate with a capital "I" if we intend to remain in the top 3. It can be done. We are still viewed as the country of freedom and ingenuity around the world, but more and more we are being viewed as resting on our past accomplishments and steering rudderless, albeit arrogantly, through cultural impacts we don't quite understand and don't appear to appreciate.

We Are All Connected - Domestically and Globally

If we figure the world will just accept us the way we are because we are America, we need to examine that attitude and quickly. How much time do you think the Chinese spend learning about America? Cultural impact in the U.S. from voting to job creation and economic recovery, affects us all within and without our borders, and domestic and international markets. We need capital "I" Leaders in the U.S. to embrace not only IQ and EQ, but also CQ (cultural quotient). Consider India; America by no means has an exclusive on innovation.

While JC Penney apparently embraced the risk side of innovation hiring Ron Johnson, at least they tried.  Demographic differences between the loyal Apple consumers vs. loyal Penney consumers relied on an Apple innovation methodology that couldn't make the leap. Yet, JC Penney may still pull a "Coke" - to - "Coca Cola Classic" and now build on the needs and desires of their demographic strengths to bring back a new and improved "classic" approach. Finding the "classic" in emerging markets as well could be a significant and even sustainable coup. But to target effectively they need to know the markets and the cultures, and be set up to strike when the timing is right.

Leaders must move faster regardless of sector. Crowd sourcing like Twitter, makes the whims of the consumer more volatile than ever before, whether it's basics of life like food, or the latest smart phone. Share one weight loss recipe featuring a specific ingredient or nutraceutical; demand changes instantly and involves multiple markets and cultures.

As a leader, if you are acting as the "judas goat" still herding your company to a rigid, specific destination bogged down in status quo, it will be as sheep to slaughter.

What factors are the most critical for emerging achievers and leaders of today when they predict a future for themselves?

"Self-awareness, high intelligence, high emotional quotient, extremely high integrity, multiple discipline knowledge, voracious appetite for new knowledge."  ~ Jatin Desai

Leaders need to loosen up and embrace the reality that "90% of what we call 'management' consists of making it difficult for people to get things done." ~ Peter Drucker 

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