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Six Criteria for Innovation Success

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In our work at The DeSai Group, we have observed that an organization can achieve sustainable growth through innovation by:

  1. Having a clear strategic intent – a unique direction for the company that will generate a specific value (Top-Line, Bottom Line, or Other).
  2. Value creation strategy – Depending on the value target, creating a vertical and horizontal organizational alignment for everyone to see themselves in the vision and mission is essential for future returns.
  3. Developing deep insights – commercially savvy perceptions to help develop great ideas that can be ventured profitably. Without insights, organizations will predictably migrate to Commodity Island with other industry laggards.
  4. Mobilizing strategically with discipline – vision, strategy, leadership, and ideas are all required for growth, but they don’t guarantee success until you execute with discipline.
  5. Having high performing innovators – innovation can occur by having innovators who can generate real wealth and not just come up with great ideas. People who over-utilize resources and under-deliver value, cannot be called real innovators.
  6. Selecting top-talent with optimum financial behaviors - or developing talent by creating self-awareness about what specific corrective actions executives can take to develop optimal behaviors.

As I have said before, organizations MUST begin to take innovation as a serious tool for survival.

Innovation is no longer a choice - should we or should we not. It is only about WHEN you choose to commit to it.

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