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Innovation Inspiration From Nonprofits

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7 Lessons From Innovative Nonprofit Campaigns

Nonprofit groups are experts at doing more with less, and that holds important lessons for corporate innovators. Groups such as GiveWell, and Charity: Water use innovative technologies, business models and marketing techniques to further their causes and spur supporters to action.

Innovation Inspiration From Nonprofits

  1. Think small and simple when it comes to transmitting payments.
  2. Make your site fun, and think about using gamification to boost customer interaction.
  3. Crowd-sourcing funding can be an effective way to pay for a project.
  4. Video may very well be the future of the Web. Learn how to produce it, and you will be able to reach more people more effectively.
  5. Texting isn't just a way to chat with a friend they can be used in a variety of ways within your organization
  6. Know where your money goes and how it is spent.
  7. When your firm's offering isn't all that different from your competitors, attracting top-tier influencers to leverage your brand image can make all the difference.

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