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Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Team Up to Advance Semantic Web

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Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have teamed up to encourage Web page operators to make the meaning of their pages understandable to search engines.

Web of words: This graph of linked phrases lets software understand the meaning of online content. The system is backed by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.
Credit: Dan Brickley

The three big Web companies launched the semantic-Web-technology initiative, known as, last week. It defines an interconnected vocabulary of terms that can be added to the HTML markup of a Web page to communicate the meaning of concepts on the page. This data will allow search engines to better understand how useful a page may be for a given search query. asks for semantic markup to be written using a format known as microdata, which is not yet a W3C standard, rather than RDFa, a more widely used W3C-approved alternative.

Source: Technology Review

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