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Bionic glasses for poor vision - Artificial sight

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Interactive bionic vision

Computer aided visual prosthetics hope to restore vision in blind and poorly sighted individuals.

It has recently become possible to improve or restore sight for some people who are visually impaired or blind.

One technique is for surgeons to implant a tiny electrical chip into the eye to provide a stronger signal into the retinal cells. We're developing another technique that uses computer vision to simplify the visual scene so as to improve the ability of visually impaired people to recognise things around them.

Artificial Sight

This exhibit has interactive simulations that allow visitors to experience what the world looks like through each of these techniques and to explore the hardware that make up the next generation of visual prosthetics.

Here’s an interview with Dr Stephen Hicks from the University of Oxford about his exhibit Artificial sight: Interactive bionic vision.

 Source: The Royal Society

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