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"Beyond Gravity" (#1)

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Following is a list of videos, blog posts and articles on going beyond “personal and organizational gravity”. Gravity is an invisible force holding us back when it comes to growth and innovation. We must go beyond that. Following are some items that I have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks and the latest posts at I hope you enjoy them. 

1) Design: Very nice example of extraordinary furniture for small space.

2) Book: “Lateral Thinking” by Edward DeBono. Very nice and very popular. Worth having a copy if you are serious about facilitating workshops on creativity and team synergy.

Lateral Thinking

3) Conference: Harvard Conference on India: - some great speakers, nice content, and one of our client company’s Chairman attending (Murugappa Group, Chennai, India). 

4) Hong-Kong: 330 Square feet Flat/Apartment transforms into 24 different eco-friendly rooms.

5) Free McKinsey Report: The urban world is shifting. Today only 600 urban centers generate about 60 percent of global GDP. While 600 cities will continue to account for the same share of global GDP in 2025, this group of 600 will have a very different membership. Over the next 15 years, the center of gravity of the urban world will move south and, even more decisively, east. 

6) Rural India: Rural communities create more innovations then you think.  

7) Personal Branding: Dan Schawbel is pretty good at marketing himself; as a brand. Do you want to become ‘the’ brand for your chosen area of expertise? Why not?. Here is what Dan has done…check his work at and take a look at his community on Personal Branding Blog

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info is useful to put continuous innvoation on day today activities, may or may not matter about the value but gives value addition to the organisation silently. continue to send this pl

posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 10:47 PM by HARI SHANKAR MEDIPALLY

Edward DeBono! There's a stab from the past. It must be 20 years ago that I read his "Six Thinking Hats" and "Sur/petition: Beyond Competition." He is an original thinker, indeed. The best anecdote from Sur/petition is about Ford hiring him to suggest ways to boost sales in London. At the time, it was impossible to find a parking spot in City Centre. DeBono's advice: Buy all the parking garages and put signs outside that say, "Fords only." He was making a point about the criticality of what he termed "associated value," i.e., things without which you can't buy the primary thing. For cars, that would include affordable insurance, resale market, parts/repair -- and parking. At the time of the book, no insurance carrier would cover a Corvette in Manhattan; they were stolen almost instantly. As a result of the lack of that associated value, in practical terms you couldn't buy a Corvette in Manhattan.

posted @ Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:09 AM by Mike O'Horo

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