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Being human is a blessing but also challenging – we tend to like status-quo. Especially in companies, we tend to follow “Group-Thinking” - tendency to try to make decisions that everyone in our close working group will agree with. And the second biggest culprit is “Expert-Think”; the tendency to make decisions with which will conform to the ‘‘tradition or establishment’’ (the ‘‘experts’’ in our organizations or fields) will agree. Together, these two behaviors create organizational gravity. GroupThink+ExpertThink=Organizational Villain. GT is about honoring the past, ET is about honoring the experts. Both bad for innovation.

Disciplined Innovation Management Process

The perception innovation has is that it's too far-fetched. Innovation however is what you do with ideas to make money. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually a very disciplined process where the link between innovation and business strategy must first be made. Then a roadmap of how to achieve those goals must be created using the principles of innovation. Finally, implementation and execution can occur with this new innovative mindset.

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