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The theme for this year is “Winning in India – Changing the Game”.


Every year, Yahoo! conducts “Open Hack” globally. Each “Open Hack” is somewhat customized by country and geography and are conducted several times a year in locations all around the world.

Open Hacks provide a platform for the Yahoo!’s developer community to build applications and product ideas from scratch using market-leading technologies from Yahoo! as well as other technologies, to develop innovative new products which leverage the entire Yahoo! digital media platform.

As a best practice for innovation in India, Yahoo! also conducts annual Innovation Conferences for its commitment to nurture the open innovation ecosystem in India. The theme for 2011 was “Winning in India – Changing the Game”.

The conference included panel discussions on critical topics such as mobile & tablet experiences, social entrepreneurship, emerging content consumption patterns and the e-commerce & deals space in India. While Open Hack brings together tech innovators, the Innovation Conference provides a platform for VCs, start-ups and industry bodies to actively engage with one another and explore opportunities, challenges and share experiences of what it means to unlock India’s vibrant potential.

Open Hack India opens its doors to more than 800 developers from over 20 different states across India, sponsored by the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN), the company’s central resource for developers and partners to leverage the Yahoo! platform in their own applications. Developers are allowed to hack using everything from best-in-class content to market-leading advertising and consumer products like search, communications, media and mobile. Yahoo!’s global developer community is an important part of Yahoo!’s business strategy.

The passion of these developers and the opportunity to reach Yahoo!’s almost 700 million consumers worldwide and technology are what drives global innovation and creativity across the Web at Yahoo!. Hack events, popularized by Yahoo! and its global technology teams, unite programmers, developers and designers in an exciting and fun shared experience.

“As the premier digital media company, it is critical for us to nurture a vibrant developer ecosystem. Over the years, Yahoo!’s Open Hacks have turned into a calendar event not to miss among the tech community, and we take inspiration from the overwhelming response it has received this year too,” said Shouvick Mukherjee, VP & CEO, Yahoo! India R&D.

The two day event involves 24 hours of hacking using a great collection of new web tools, services and APIs from the YDN, as well as data from around the web. Generally, the Hack events kick off with a series of hack-related presentations, followed by non-stop 24-hour hacking.

All the entries are judged on the second day (typically Sunday), the best of which get invited to attend the Hack All Stars Event, a global hack event once a year in locations such as New York City. This event brings together all the winners of Yahoo!’s Open Hacks across the world and HackU (University hack events) for a grand final Hackathon.

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