Many of our banking clients struggle with creating a narrow focus on selecting the proper areas of investment. Should it be Remote Capture for the Commercial Loan segment, or Debit Card growth opportunities, Employee Banking, or HSA Accounts, etc. Once a growth area is identified further narrowing may be required to assure and validate further investments. This tool helps to broaden or narrow the focus of such innovation challenges.

Innovation "Targeting" Tool: Challenge Scoping

Challenge Scoping ensures that the innovation opportunity is effectively targeted at an actionable level. If the project scope seems too broad, Challenge Scoping helps you drill down a level by identifying obstacles that could keep you from achieving your goal. If the scope is too narrow, Challenge Scoping moves the focus up a level to explore why you're working on the innovation problem in the first place.

Scoping an innovation project is important because the way you define the opportunity can make the difference between a run-of-the-mill solution and a truly innovative approach. Challenge Scoping may take your project in a completely different direction, so it's worthwhile to apply this tool early in the innovation project.

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